About TMTM Company

TMTM is the processor and supplier of function - nutrition food and cosmetic, made from moringa oleifera (“Moringa” in English, “Chùm ngây” in Vietnamese). The products are combined with some other herbal ingredients to provide the best nutrition food. Moreover, ...


Economic efficiency

The efficiency is regarded as benefits for the whole society in which everyone, even the poor who have demand, may be able to buy and benefit from the products; everyone from farmers to processors and traders can benefit the broad market. Moringa can be harvested after growing for 3 months; when the tree is about 60cm high, farmers cut the top to stimulate the branches and buds coming out; after fertilizing for 6 months, when the tree is about 2m high, it’s the time for harvesting. In average, we can collect continuously 500-900g of fresh moringa leaves from each tree every month, which means we can collect 2,500kg of fresh moringa leave in each hectare every month after growing 5,000 trees in 1 hectare (i.e. about 2sqm/tree) for 6 months. We presume the market price is VND 20,000/kg, the net income for the farmers will be VND 20 million per month per hectare. The figure shows good incomes for many Vietnamese farmers nowadays.
  •  Developments of moringa:
- Moringa has been existed in the nature, along the Central Vietnam provinces, since many years ago with the local name “Chùm ngây”
- Moringa has been cultivated in the concentrated scale recently, about several hectares, and provided good results. However, the utilization of the the plant is still limited.
- Farmers still hesitate to cultivate moringa in mass quantity because of the vague “output”
- TMTM has implemented the pilot moringa farm in Xuan Loc, Dong Nai
- TMTM has coordinated with the local government in the provinces in Central Vietnam to develop the cultivation of moringa with TMTM’s sponsorship.
- The sponsorship from TMTM is carried out by: the donation of seeds, providing the guidance on cultivation and underwriting the entire harvesting products.
  • Products processed from moringa:
- Products processed from moringa provide high nutrition, enhancing human antibodies, suitable for health developments for Vietnamese people as well as everyone in all over the world.
- TMTM has a strong team of scientists and creative recipes to utilize moringa for the production of diverse nutrition food, particularly comprises:
• 8 categories of moringa tea bags for domestic and export markets
• Nutrition food for children
• Some more new products processed from moringa leaves are under experiments.

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